For Power Industry,Construction,Transportation,Communication

Cables & pipes sealing solutions

for Power industry


  • Multi-size seals

    Inner diameter from 28mm to 160mm
    Outer diameter from 50mm to 280mm

  • Easy to construct -  save labor costs
    Perfact sealing effect - long life cycle

  • Multiple applications:

    Waterproof, anti-sand, Isolation of small animals

Our products application customers

Advantages of using cable pipe seals

- Perfact sealing effect

- Easy construction and installation, can be installed in various climates

- Applicable to various types of pipelines and various working conditions

- Soft material to protect the cable

- Flame retardant material

- The seals has a service life of more than 15 years and can be reused

- During the product life cycle, it can effectively save maintenance expenses

- Quick and easy installation without professional tools

Cables and pipes seals Applications 

Sealing for power transmission and distribution Cables & Pipes

Rail transit cables and Pipes sealing application

Solar power Cables and Pipes Sealing

Wind power pipeline sealing

Power Station Cables and Pipes Sealing

Marine installation Cables and Pipes Sealing

Office building Cables and Pipes Sealing

IDC Cables and Pipes Sealing

About the production cycle of the seals - All for the global customers' delight

Conventional universal seals:
Less than 1000 pieces, complete production within 2 weeks
More than 1000 pieces and less than 5000 pieces, the production will be completed within 1 month
More than 5,000 pieces and less than 20,000 pieces, the production will be completed within 2 months


Custom Seals:
Provide customized services according to the specific situation


The current maximum production capacity of our factory: 200,000 sets per month


Our seals effectively against:water,smoke,gas,noise,some chemicals,insects,small animals,dust,sand,mud...


All cables & pipes passing through the wall, roof or floor can be sealed with our seals.


Our seals are air-tight and maintenance-free during use,effectively reducing costs.


Our seals is made of high-quality raw materials and has a service time of more than 15 years. Also,it can be reused.